Congratulations! You’re pregnant!

9 months fly by, and before you know it your belly is already a thing of the past. Time to capture this moment in a beautiful way for later!

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How does a maternity shoot work?

  • We’ll first discuss some ideas for the photo shoot over a cup of coffee or tea.
  • You can of course collect some clippings or digital images that appeal to you in terms of photography as inspiration in advance.
  • The photo shoot can be done in the studio, but can also be done in your own home, out in the forest or at the beach. You choose in advance whether you want it to be inside the studio or outside. Due to the outside lighting, this is important in terms of scheduling.
  • A photo reportage is usually done alone, but you might find it nice to include your partner and/ or child(ren).
  • Make sure you are well rested, and take all the time you need for yourself.
  • In the studio there are more than 100 clothing items specially made for maternity photography, you can wear these to accentuate your beautiful bump, but you can also bring your own clothes.
  • You will receive 5 pre-selected photos in high resolution.
  • You will receive a selection of photos in web resolution with logo through a link to choose which photos you want.
  • You will receive the selected photos both digital and in a digital photo album. Optionally this album can be ordered as a print.
  • All photos can be ordered on various materials and are produced with very high quality.
  • Additional photos can be reordered if desired. Download the price list at the bottom of the website.
  • Photos are kept for 6 weeks, after this they are deleted and can not be re-ordered. 
  • Het Fotohuisje has the right to use the photos taken for its own promotion. This can be: posting on website, blog, social media and/or printed matter and submission for photo competitions. If you prefer not to, communicate this during the session.


“Winning an award has been my biggest dream for years, but the feedback from my clients, brides and grooms is the real cherry on top. No award can compete with that.”


Maternity Shoot price


Inside or outside of Lelystad

1-1,5 hours

31-36 weeks pregnant

Possible with partner

Choice of over 100 dresses

Min. 5 outfit changes

Incl. styling, setting and advice regarding the outfits

Choose photos yourself via weblink

5 Photo files in high resolution

Digital photo album of your chosen photos

The option to reorder

More info!
Choice of over 100 dresses

Important information about maternity shoot

  • The duration of the shoot is around 1,5 hours
  • Make sure that you have not been wearing tight clothing before the photo shoot such as socks, bra, tight pants, this creates creases.
  • Take white and black panties/briefs and bras, preferably strapless. 
  • The photos are best when you are between 31 and 36 weeks pregnant. Usually in your 1st week of leave.
  • There is a huge collection of maternity clothes. specially made for photography. You can use this for free. There’s a choice of over 100 dresses to make your photo session even more beautiful.
  • Outdoor photo shoots are scheduled early in the morning or in the late afternoon, and sometimes the evening due to softer sunlight.
  • If you are looking for someone for makeup, you can get this done at shabnam, SHAB is a high-end beauty studio, located in Lelystad. Their offer consists of a wonderful combination of trendy services, all under one roof.

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