Come on, let’s go and smash some cake 🙂

Cakesmash taart feest verjaardag

cakesmash taart feestje taartjemeppen verjaardag

How does a Cakesmash with your child, including cake, work?

  • First we’ll have a nice cup of coffee or tea. This gives your kid some time to get used to the environment of the studio.
  • We’ll first take a few photos of your child without a cake or any of the decorations, it is of course possible that your child doesn’t like the cake, this way you are ensured of some beautiful images without a cake. Then comes the decoration and cake, time to smash! After your little one is done, and still feels like it, it is possible to put your baby in a nice warm bath, we will then also take some photos of this.
  • A family photo is also taken. This is not extensive, it’s a small extra gift from me. As a parent you don’t have to put on a special outfit, it’s all about the birthday boy/girl!
  • Of course you can indicate a color theme in advance, I will then provide the cake decorations and balloons in that color. Default is pink and blue.
  • You will receive 5 pre-selected photos in high resolution. 
  • You will receive a selection of photos in web resolution with logo through a link to choose which photos you want.
  • You will receive the selected photos both digital and in a digital album. Optionally this album can be ordered as a print.
  • All photos can be ordered on various materials and are produced with very high quality.
  • Additional photos can be reordered if desired. Download the price list at the bottom of the website.
  • Photos are kept for 6 weeks, after this they are deleted and can not be re-ordered. 
  • Het Fotohuisje has the right to use the photos taken for its own promotion. This can be: posting on website, blog, social media and/or printed matter and submission for photo competitions. If you prefer not to, communicate this during the session.


“Winning an award has been my biggest dream for years, but the feedback from my clients, brides and grooms is the real cherry on top. No award can compete with that.”


What does a Cakesmash cost?


1 hour

Photos before, with and after cake

Incl. cake, bath and accesories

Choose photos yourself via weblink

10 Photo files in high resolution

Digital photo album of your chosen pictures

The option to reorder

More info
After orders are possible!
Photo shoot prior to cakesmash & bath shoot 3 in 1

Important information about the Cakesmash

  • The cake is standardly delivered in pink for girls and blue for boys, but if you’d like another color, please inform us at least 1 week in advance.
  • You can choose from different backgrounds, colors and/or themes. Ask for the possibilities.
  • Make sure to bring extra clothes, even as a parent you can get very dirty, keep that in mind. Bring 2 towels.
  • MAke sure your clothes match the clothing and color theme. This ensures unity and tranquility in the photo.
  • A photo of the family can also be taken. But it’s all about your baby.
  • There are various decorations such as balloons, flags, etc.
  • Bring your child’s favorite toy or book.
  • The photo shoot lasts 1 hour.

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